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Startin New Business in Selling Computers (Desktop’s & Laptop’s) and All Typeof Electronic Goods


Greeting For the day…!!!

I am Planning to buy Manufacturer Defected, Factory Seconds, Over Stock and used Desktops, Laptops and All Type of Electronic Goods, So I would like to request you, please send me the list of Companies address, need to contact with them else the price list of above things .

Thank’s & Regard’s
Bismillah khan

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Wholesale Dealership-Fertilizers in 2 districts of Bihar and Chemicals in Delhi

Dealership of Companies like TATA CHEMICALS, GSFC, KRIBHCO SHYAM, CHAMBAL FERTILIZERS, KANPUR FERTILIZERS, PARADEEP PHOSPHATES, INDIAN POTASH, MANGALORE CHEMICALS, etc. Most of the Products and Brands are Market Leaders. Goodwill already established. Besides Network of Dealers in 2 Districts of Bihar, Clientele includes Parle Biscuits, Surya Gold, Britannia Industries, etc.

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10 year old profitable Marble trading business for sale ( getting retired)

The firm is a focused on selling marble and granite . The firm has quite decent contacts and great goodwill which has allowed it to operate, sell and function without any hassle. The business could even be delagated to a manager for functioning ,but it will give better results if the owner is directly involved in the business.
The firm has been well marketed and publicised in the local market. Present employees have a good experience in dealing with the clients and managing day to day operations. The firm is in a form of sole propitorship .

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