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Injection moulding machine moulds and accessories nanufacturing electrical goods

This unit was engaged in manufacturing electrical goods for 2 years with the best machinery and moulds. We used to manufacture switchboards, bells, regulators etc. Possible turnover is 15 crore INR. The machinery are of high capacity and hence can be used in manufacturing heavier items as well. 100-140 tons 3 injection moulding machines and many vertical injection moulding machines are on offer with over 80 moulds and attached accessory. We are considering to sell the Trademarks along with the machinery and moulds. If necessary, technical help will be provided from our end at the initial stages. The Machinery and moulds are in immaculate conditions due to servicing and maintenance. No repair or maintenance needed. Machineries are in Plug and play condition

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Profitably running manufacturer and retailer of Natural Ice Cream Company

Company is a retail Chain serving Ice Cream, desserts and beverages in various tastes and flavors.
With its presence in south west and North India Company is looking forward further Expansion.
Running 8 Centres on Franchising with plans to open 50 Centres in Next 3 Years.
The Growth rate of 15 % in 2015 the company is expected to reach a goal of 25 % in the coming years.

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Earn Rs.1000 to Rs.1200 daily in ahmedabad small scale industires

Start Your Profitable Good Disposable Product Business With Minimum 20% In Wholesale Market. You Can Get Raw Material From Market Rs.30 To 32 Per Kg Easily(we are gives you suplliers address) After Rs.2 Manufacturing Cost You Can Sold In Wholesale Market Rs.42 To Rs.45 Per Kg (We are gives you good buyers)Investment Only Rs.85000/- With All Type Of Automatic Machineries You Can Earn Minimum Rs.25000/- Per Month Kindly Visit, sanjayshah-9909451667,

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