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14 year old Bangalore based Company into Timber Trading and Solid Wood Flooring

A Bangalore based Timber trading house, dealing with Burma teak, Malaysian saal Indonesian honne, Steamed beach, African Teak and cut sizes of many other species catering to Construction Industry and end users.
• Another established stream of activity of the Company is Solid Wood Flooring.
• Valid Saw mill license holder (The forest department of Karnataka has stopped issuing new licenses since 2003 onwards. Therefore, the license is worth in lakhs)
• An active Web site dedicated to the flooring business
• Established clientele for the last 14 years.
• 8 well trained staff with the ESI coverage.
• The factory premise rented with a very reasonable rental terms.
• All statutory obligations fulfilled promptly and in time.

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Golden opportunity to buy out a reputed furniture brand in Chennai

Started in 2001 the company is one of India’s leading importers of  leather hide & skin and a partner with an internationally renowned leather-processing unit. We are one among India’s largest providers of leather sofas, finished leather hides, and customized car seat covers

The company  has a presence in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore, Chennai, Madurai, and Coimbatore.

It’s  factories are equipped with cutting-edge machines imported from various parts of the world. It provides employment to more than 150 professionals in the field of procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.  Backed  by Expert  craftsmen’s  skills, it delivers quality leather products to the market

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