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FY 2011-12

FY 2012-13

FY 2013-14

Revenue from Sale *
Revenue from Services
Other Income
Openng Inventory (Material/Stores/Finished Goods etc.)
Closing Inventory (Material/Stores/Finished Goods etc.)
Transportation Charges/Freight
Employee Salaries
Staff welfare expenses
Power and fuel. (Electricity/Generator Exp)
Repairs to machinery
Repairs - Others
Legal & Professional Charges
Duties & Taxes
Travelling expenses including foreign travelling
Conveyance Expenses
Telephone Exps.
Finance Cost (Interest etc.)
Other Expenses
Select between 1 -10, 1 being the lowest & 10 being highest


Is the location premium
Ability to expand in the vicinity
Is the location conducive to business

Customer lists and relationships

Trade association
Existing clientele base

HR & Training

Manpower support
New employee recruitment support
Training Support
Existing promoter's continuation/ On going assistance

Business know-how

Supplier/ Vendor Network
Equipment Vendors
Technology Know-how
Business Alliances/ Partners

Brand names

Years of Existence / Brand Equity
Price command / premium over competitors

Franchises, copyrights and trademarks

Patents in Market
Legal Monopolies/ Exclusive area rights

Written down Value as per Balance sheet as last Balance sheet

Value as per last balance sheet

Projected Revenue Growth
Annualized Growth Rate
Do you have Intellectual Property, includingTrade Secrets
or Patents?

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