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Certified Business Broker


Who is a Business Broker:

A business broker is a professional who analyse the characteristics of a business for sale and matches them with the criteria of a buyer through a proven methodical and systematic process.

Certified Business Broker (CBB):

  • BusinessEx Certified Business Broker (CBB) program covers all basic business brokerage fundamentals and advanced techniques which are useful to be financially successful in the highly prestigious, multi crores Business Brokerage industry.
  • Certified Business Broker training program is designed to train individuals to start their own Business Brokerage or to enhance the existing brokerage business and become a successful Entrepreneur.
  • A CBB (Certified Business Broker) is qualified to join BusinessEx broker network and will get an opportunity to become a member of Indian Business Brokers Association .


  • Over 30 million businesses exist in India.
  • On an average every 3 years people shift business.
  • Over half a million business brokers and professionals across India.
  • Less than 50000 are registered and get direct opportunity.
  • Scarcity of CBB for confidential business deals.
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Financial Advisors
  • CA’s / ICWA’s / CS’s / CFA’s
  • Insurance Agents
  • Management Graduates
  • Loan lenders
  • Business Enthusiast
  • Banking Agents
Certified Business Broker

Benefits of a CBB Program:

  • Stand out and get recognition in business broker universe
  • Work for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Earn income through several sources
  • Fulfill your business dream by getting certified
  • Sustainable career with high financial gains
  • White Color profession with higher growth prospects
  • Self designed revenue model
  • Enhance your existing brokerage business
Certified Business Broker


  • A degree in business/finance or related discipline
  • Should have good knowledge of financial instruments
  • Min. 1 year of employment in own business /other profession
  • Good interpersonal skills and negotiation capability
  • In-depth Understanding of Business categories
  • Should have his/her own client network
Certified Business Broker


  • Introduction to Business Brokerage
  • Marketing Your Business Brokerage Services
  • Preparation for initial meeting with business owner and follow up
  • Analyzing and Pricing Businesses
  • Preparing Listing Presentation
  • Explanation of business analyze and price range developed
  • Completion of Listing Documents
  • Initial contact with potential buyers
  • Presentation of businesses to potential buyers
  • Negotiation of Offers to Purchase or Letter of Intent
  • Presentation of offer to business owner
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre closing activities and responsibilities
  • Closing Documents
  • Business Closing and Transfer
  • Post-closing activities and responsibilities

Learning Agenda:

  • How to quickly estimate the value of a business
  • How to apply more extensive analysis to reach a valuation range that will stand up to scrutiny from sellers, buyers, bankers and CPA’s
  • How to handle common objections from sellers and buyers
  • How to prepare a listing agreement for selling a business
  • How to prepare a confidential profile of a business for sale
  • How to differentiate yourself from real estate agents
  • How to explain the true, quantifiable differences between big and small business
  • How to understand how buyers and sellers think. What their motivations and fears are, and how to help them as a professional intermediary
  • How to communicate with others using industry specific terminology, not just jargon but with knowledge
  • How to position yourself as a knowledgeable and capable business broker with employers, and clients.
  • How to respond to common questions and objections of buyers and sellers
  • How to create an authority position for your firm in the industry, which will
  • Bring continuous new clients and co-brokering opportunities

Fundamentals of BusinessEx CBB Program :

  • Understanding the Seller- It is crucial to understand the mind and motives of the Seller.
  • Understanding the Buyer- How to deal with Buyer fears and take them through due diligence to the closing table
  • The transaction- A breakdown of the entire transaction and what should happen at every interval, how to spot potential problems before they ever arise, how to deal with problems that do arise, understanding the psychology of the deal
  • Ethics- Your fiduciary relationship with your client, how to perform your duties in an ethical manner
  • The marketplace- Understanding your local, regional, and national markets, How to network your local market.
  • Confidentiality- What it is, why it is crucial to your success
  • Leverage- Recognizing leverage, understanding who has it, how to utilize it to your client’s advantage, recognizing leverage ‘shifts’
  • Financials- How to understand financials, explaining ‘top line’ theory to buyers
  • Handling ‘dealkillers’- Recognizing dealkillers and dealing with them to save deals
  • How to get Clients- Where to find them, what to say to them to get their business
Certified Business Broker

Program Schedule:

Type : Class room program

Duration: 6 hours - one day

Enrolment Calendar : New Batch commence on Every Monday

Fee Structure:

  • Rs.7500/- payable a the time booking the seat in a batch.( 12.36% service tax is inclusive )
  • Payment can be done through online or sending a demand draft in favor of FIBL.
  • Part payment option- Pay Rs.1500 at the time of booking and balance 7 days before commencement of the batch.
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  • Study material, tutorials, stationary, BusinessEx merchandise
  • Certified business broker Badge
  • Class room training by Business Broking experts
  • Certified Business Broker Certificate
  • India Business Broker Association membership
  • One time Refreshment/Meal
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